‘Out of the mouth of babes’ – young woman exposes JW organization

A story has gained international media attention involving a young woman who has spoken out about the mental and emotional abuse she experienced because of being raised as a Jehovah’s Witness.

In an emotional presentation to her high school classmates, a young woman blasts the organization because of alleged failures to protect vulnerable women. She tells the story of two women who were silenced. One woman who allegedly blamed for being raped and the other was abused as a child and nothing was done by congregation elders.

Fighting back tears, she explains the extent of the pain caused by the organization’s beliefs and the impact this has on families and in particular women.

She explains how subservience works for women within this controlled organization of Jehovah’s Witnesses. She shares her fear of losing her father because of doctrines that teach children that a parent may die at Armageddon if the parent does not conform.

She says of women:

“They cannot teach men. They cannot even speak at a podium in front of men as I am doing now,” she said. “They are not to question any decision made by a men. That is slander.”

She says she could be disfellowshipped for making the presentation to her schoolmates.

After learning what the organization has hidden from its members the school girl ends her speech by saying she wants “no part in it”.

“It is a religion that preaches love and acceptance, but the reality is everything is conditional. Love and acceptance is only extended as long as members practise absolute obedience and question nothing, ever,” she said.

“This religion destroys lives, destroys families and they do it largely unchecked… because they are really good at silencing the people who leave.”

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‘Out of the mouth of babes’ – young woman exposes JW organization — 4 Comments

  1. I have three brothers that are Jehovahs witnesses. So, I have nephews and nieces that are being shunned. One niece at 15 years of age was treated shamefully when she came from a group home to say goodbye to her mother when she was dying from a brain tumor. she was not welcome at the funeral a few days later. It destroyed her. Another niece was put at the front door of her house and ordered out because she had participated in a small way at a Christmas promotional event at a local mall. The only person she knew outside of the witnesses was a woman her mother was conductiong a bible study with. She went there and the woman took her in. She was 17 years old. There is also unreported sex abuse in my extended family.which was not reported to authorities, There needs to be media attention, to the bullying by the cowardly elders,,against children.

    • So sorry that your family has been put through this by Jehovah’s Witnesses unkindness. Please do report the abuse, that is one way it can stop another child suffering. You are not alone in having suffered because of deceptive beliefs. Hope you and your family get support, kindness and love.

  2. Like the leader of the Catholic Church who apologized to the world for child sexual abuse, the Watchtower Bible and Tract Societies’governing body must also apologize to the world for their hidden acts of child abuse or receive the punishment described at Mathew 24:48.

  3. I don’t think look not something hear that schoolgirl from Jehoveh’s witnesses not interested her not explain the situation because change of mind same personal one other thing need be careful self she too much time hidden away from her off I never meet her some ignore I don’t want to improve your friends of her.

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