Karen Morgan asks why her abuser is not disfellowshipped?

Karen Morgan

Wales Online is reporting in an article called “Jehovah cult kicked me out but not the man who raped me, victim claims,” that convicted Jehovah’s Witness rapist Mark Sewell has not been ordered out of the organisation.

In the alarming article, Karen Morgan (who was sexually molested by Mark Sewell) says: “Even if an abuser admits it, as long as they repent, they might not get any discipline at all.

If they say, ‘I’m sorry, I won’t do it again’ they are left alone and the congregation is never told.

Not long after the conviction of Mark Sewell in July 2014, Karen spoke to JWR and shared the names of the elders who had remained silent, neither reporting the abuse to the police or helping the police by making statements or supporting her in court during the trial.

Karen, who was herself a member of the Barry congregation, reported to Wales Online, “I have asked why he has not been disfellowshipped and they have not been able to give me an answer,”

Mark Sewell

Mark Sewell

Karen was disfellowshipped at 17 for having a boyfriend. Now if she is in public locations she is ignored by Witnesses.

They won’t talk to me,” Karen said. “But they are allowed to talk to him. That’s how stupid that rule is.”

All I ever wanted them to do was say sorry,” Karen continued. “Why don’t they just apologise? They are supposed to believe in the bible.”

Karen and another Jehovah’s Witness sex attack victim are attempting to sue the organisation because of what happened to them by elder Mark Sewell. The Watchtower Society has already paid out millions of dollars in the US after settling numerous child abuse cases.

The Candace Conti case is still awaiting an appeal decision, but has received high profile attention in recent weeks from major media sources including Reveal News – PBS Newshour and ABC News.

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  1. In english

    All you need to know that in Jehovah’s Witnesses all are sinners and practices are licensed under the secret between them! You know very well that in the Jehovah’s Witnesses are many pedophiles, criminals, adulterers, fornicators, alcoholics and first-class liars! are converted by baptism to erase their sins, but for many they are hypocrites of false brethren and false sisters that love of many shall wax cold!. It is also true that they are incompetent and have not made of human studies to help judge a follower and do it publicly condemned his death to life! It is quite clear that this is contrary to the Laws of RIGHT HUMAN FREEDOM on? They shall sentenced a follower to exclude or as excommunicate say what is not true! This is the term total exclusion death forever! … Here the authorities of countries or human rights are applied the Watchtower should be sentenced to no longer have that attitude as a form of aesthetic racism!

    en français:
    Vous devez savoir tous que chez les Témoins de Jéhovah tous sont des pécheurs et les pratiques sont autorisé sous le secret entre eux ! Vous savez très bien que chez les Témoins de Jéhovah sont pour beaucoup des pédophiles, des criminels, des adultérins, des fornicateurs, des alcooliques et des menteurs de première classe ! ce sont converti par le baptême pour effacer leur péchés, mais, pour beaucoup ce sont des hypocrites des faux frères et des fausses sœurs que l’amour d’un plus grand nombre se refroidira !. Il est vrai aussi qu’ils sont incompétent et n’ont pas faits des études de droits pour se permettre de juger un adepte et de le faire condamné publiquement sa mort à perpétuité ! Il est bien claire que ceci est contraire aux LOIS de DROIT de L’HOMME sur la LIBERTE ? Ils est interdit de condamné un adepte pour l’exclure ou comme dise excommunier ce qui n’est pas exacte ! C’est le terme exclusion totale a mort a perpétuité !… Là les autorités des pays ou les droits de l’homme sont applique la WatchTower doit être condamné a ne plus avoir cette attitude comme une forme du racisme esthétique !

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