Who or what is next in the Governing Body saga?

Current 7 members of the Governing Body - Losch is front and centre

Speculation is running high after the death of Governing Body member Guy H. Pierce. Names are being suggested but as yet the Watchtower Society has not named a replacement. Perhaps it is too early to do so. A cursory trawl of some discussion groups indicates that people want answers. Here are a few questions, some comments and a couple of videos to consider.

Does there need to be a replacement? (Seven seems a good enough number.)

Should a replacement be someone younger, perhaps someone from the D.M Sanderson mold?

Will the replacement be “anointed”? Does the replacement really need to be of the anointed class?

Some of these questions already appear to have been answered or still being discussed at headquarters. This has been shared on jehovahs-witness.net by a trusted insider.

“The bottom line is that in 5 years the Watchtower will look a lot different in many ways than it does today. Rumors are that the Governing Body will be expanded to 12 to better match the biblical magic number of apostles, tribes of Israel, etc. That will also reset the ‘magic number’ to 8 needed to get a majority vote to make a doctrinal change. They think that more things will get done and decisions will come quicker than with the current number of GB set at 8. “There are a lot of reletavely powerful and influential men at HQ and in the field who are over 60 and want their chance to be appointed to the GB. Expect one or more to come from Legal. One of my friends suggests that “annointed” will become synomous with “appointed.” If a brother is “appointed” to the Governing Body, then the logic is that he has automatically been “annointed” by holy spirit and would therefore be considered to be part of the 144K. And by the way, that number is under discussion and is very likely to become identified as symbolic and not literal -“representative of a great number of chosen men selected by Jehovah for special service and an eventual heavenly reward.” (It may also be determined that only males can qualify to be “annointed”- but that will be a hard one to shove down JW throats – especially older sisters. They may offer that as an “opinion requiring further research and spiritual guidance,” but give Jehovah the final choice as to whether certain women have qualified or can qualify for the” heavenly prize.” That will allow future Governing Bodies to be made up of more ambitious men of all ages – with the understanding that if they do well in their assignments and stay faithful until death, that Jehovah will also let them serve him in heaven. Bottom line: 144,000 doctrine is going to change – in big ways – but probably will take quite a long time and fed in small bites to the rank and file.”


So there you have it.  

There are many more questions to be answered:

Will the replacement be American?
In the past, the Governing Body members have had to be American for legal reasons.  Does that mean that Jehovah only believes American’s are worthy of being the faithful and discreet slave?

As the numbers of Jehovah’s Witnesses are growing fast in Africa, would it make sense to appoint an African replacement – or does it not work like that?

Will white smoke come out of the Watchtower a few hours before the replacement is announced?

If those questions are not enough food for thought, here are a couple of videos to consider:

Stand up For Jehovah. THE GOVERNING BODY

Katie Kitten offers her insightful (and possibly prophetic) thoughts about the Governing Body and how the replacement may be chosen. She favors the term “octo-pope,” so according to her analysis there may have to be 8 members.

In the next short video “Dallywally72” indicates how the Governing Body replacement may take place.

Post your questions and comments below and we will respond as more information becomes available.


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