Watchtower Purchases Inn for Volunteer Labor

Hampton Inn, Newburgh

The Watchtower Society purchased another property on Friday 21st March 2014, says a report in the New York state Times Herald-Record. The Hampton Inn in Newburgh, New York state will be used to house short-term volunteers working on the Watchtower’s new Headquarters in Warwick, Orange County, New York. The purchase price has not been divulged.

The Watchtower Society appears to be interested in further property purchases. An apartment complex with current tenants could be the next purchase they make in the area. This could house members of the regional building committees who will be working on the Warwick site until the anticipated completion date in late 2016.

Local congregations close to the site have also been asked to make rooms available for short term volunteers.

After the billon dollar sell off of most of the former Brooklyn HQ, progress is being made at the Warwick site.  Planning files indicate that there will be “a series of green-roofed buildings for worship and offices.” There will also be buildings for laundry services, cooking/dining, infirmary, storage, vehicle maintenance and recreation.

The comments below the article show that some local residents have concerns about the expansion and possible tax exempt status of the Watchtower Society. One reader says, “It would help if these towns would stop the tax exempt statuses of these places to give the rest of us a break. We live in Orange Co. and pay quite a bit here too for our school taxes. I can see giving a ‘religious’ place an acre or two for their church/temple & parsonage, but the acreage they have is unreal.”

More details and comments can be found here:
Times Herald Record has reported on recent property sales and the move from Brooklyn Heights to the Warwick site: 


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Watchtower Purchases Inn for Volunteer Labor — 3 Comments

    • Tell me a religion that doesn’t have predators. Out of the 7 million witness. Your gonna get a few. If u read the letter in her interview. They say to go to the proper authorities and NOT to keep it secret. Child molesters are not aloud to be around children alone they CANT have any sort of authority in the congregation and the congregation is told about it.

      • Hi Heathers, Thank you for your comment and the attempted whitewash and defense of child abuse. There are not just a few abusers within this small sect. Please research the Royal Commission on child sexual abuse and you will note it is the policies that are at fault. In Australia alone 1006 abusers were never reported to the police. Consider the two witness rule. Does any other religion require someone to watch while a child is raped? The pressure from authorities is requiring the leaders of JW’s to review how they respond. It is not loving kindness for the survivors that has prompted them to review matters. A little research may help you to understand the point of view of the survivors and why the policies continue to perpetuate abuse.

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