Spain: 14 Elders due to be sentenced for 170 million fraud

Jehovah's Witnesses - Spain

An embezzlement starting in 2001 involving Jehovah’s Witness elders in Barcelona, Spain was reported in late January 2015. Fourteen congregation elders are due to be sentenced in early February with the prosecution calling for between nine and thirteen years imprisonment for fraud. The Barcelona Provincial Court noted that one person involved in the fraud has absconded and an international search is taking place for his arrest.

About 1300 congregation members appear to have contributed money to a scheme to build a Jehovah’s Witness hospital in Barcelona. It is unclear why such a hospital was necessary and who the medical personnel would have been within the hospital as the Governing Body eschew higher education for the membership.

One complainant said according to ‘elders lied and have robbed us’.

According to the report 170 million (presumably Euros) were laundered through Swiss bank accounts.

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Spain: 14 Elders due to be sentenced for 170 million fraud — 11 Comments

  1. This is the biggest JW economic Scam I have heard OF. IT DOESN’T SURPRISE ME.
    lOT’S OF SCAMMERS IN THE WT ORG. THE WT itself Scams their own people by having them all work for free at the Bethels around the World and any other project they have going on. When they do not need you anymore you are toast to them.If you get hurt on a job good luck trying to get any kind of compensation from them. The WT won’t pay.

    • ABSOLUTE LIES! There are those who come into our organization with evil intent and bring shame and discord upon our organization. Stop believing lies, learn about who we are. You people are always looking for the negative…

      • Thanks for visiting the site. Why are you defending the WT rather than those that have suffered the loss? Do your own research about the organisation. A court case that sentenced these people is not “absolute lies.” But you are of course, free to believe what you are told rather than doing your own research by writing to the Spanish Bethel and asking what happened to the elders and more importantly what happened to those that lost out. No doubt there will be denial and you may well be accused of apostacy for even asking the question.

        • These 14 jailed Elders are just another smear and embarrassment on Jehovah and his people – ( I have no sympathy for any of them ).

          Satan is obviously winning the war and proving his case, again in 1914 and again in 1925 and again in 1975 and again in 2017!

          If he really cares for his people’s welfare ( which he does not – and certainly never helped me when I asked and asked and asked ); this situation MAY incite him to get off his fat arse and pull his finger out to strike to those guilty.

          But as his CONSTANT-LACK-OF-ACTION just proves Satan to be right, demonstrating he is not only powerless but can’t be the supreme almighty; he being totally inept and incompetent to vindicate his name in order to shut the mouths of millions who see him for what he really is – the gross arrogant liar he’s always been.

      • Jehovah’s Witnesses are a cult in the truest sense of the word!! Starting with predicting the end of the World several times over! The last predicted date was 1975 when we joined. We left 14 years later once we woke up and realized they were false prophets. They forbid you to research and make your own choice to stay or go. No free will or freedom to choose. This control is maintained by threats of disfellowshipping and shunning if you choose to leave. Mothers and Fathers disown their own children if they choose to leave. Another sign of a cult. Do your research! Read Crisis of Concience by Ray Franz.

  2. Building a hospital to avoid the blood issues. Just there wouldn’t be any one qualified to staff it as non of them go to Uni. Seems to me the J.w’s are not as they use to be. They’ve gone from bent a few decades ago, to now, just plain corrupt ! And where is their Jehovah in all of these shenanigans ? Hiding under a rock; so it seems.

  3. Mari, you mentioned to stop believing lies, that “we” are always looking for the negative.
    Please read 1 Tim 6:3 ( it’s from the BIBLE so it’s not apostate literature :), and ask yourself why do you choose to listen to lies, and be a hypocrite yourself?
    I’m not picking on you, or try to start a debate, I’m just trying to help you use your logical reasoning skills. For example, you still believe that the “governing body” and ” anointed” are part of the 144000 DESPITE THE FACT THE BIBLE SAYS THAT ITS NOT TRUE. If you sit down, pray, and allow GOD in your heart, he will show you plain as day and night that what those false men taught, are wrong.
    I want to leave you with two questions that you should pray, and ponder over.

    1. If you choose to listen to man, instead of GODS WORD as truth, do you really think your going to live forever on paradise on earth?

    2. Are you really serving GOD, or the “Governing Body” ( Remember, their is no scriptural evidence of a governing body).

    • Mari, Revelation Chapter 7 says what the qualifications are, and who the 144000 are, and where they come from.

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