Serial rapist/murderer in Broadmoor, Peter Sutcliffe, baptised as Jehovah’s Witness

Peter Sutcliffe

Peter Sutcliffe aka as the Yorkshire Ripper terrorised women in the North of England in the 1970’s. He frequented prostitutes in Leeds and Bradford and carried out a murder spree against women. He claimed during his trial that he had been sent on a mission by God to kill prostitutes. Some of the women he killed were not prostitutes. His weapons of choice to mutilate women included a hammer, screwdriver and knives.
He has recently joined the ranks of Jehovah’s Witnesses by getting baptised.

At his trial, he pleaded not guilty to murdering 13 women on grounds of diminished responsibility, owing to a diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia, but this defence was rejected by a majority of the jury. He is serving twenty concurrent sentences of life imprisonment, currently in Broadmoor High-Security Hospital.

The Daily Mail reports, Peter Sutcliffe, 68, was recently baptised in a pool in a private room at the high-security hospital by two “brothers” from the local kingdom hall.

The Mail quotes an unnamed source who claimed: ‘Peter was really happy about being baptised and said afterwards he was now a Jehovah’s Witness ‘brother‘.

Apparently, he has been promised life in paradise.

The source added that people who know Sutcliffe think Broadmoor is ‘doing too much‘ to let him practice the religion.

Sutcliffe has already tried to convert fellow patients at the Berkshire psychiatric hospital.

It costs taxpayers more than £300,000 a year to detain him in Broadmoor, at least five times the cost of a prison cell.

broadmoor hospital sign

broadmoor hospital sign

Last year his plea to be moved to a unit in his home county of West Yorkshire was rejected.

In 2010, an appeal against his sentence that could have led to him applying for parole was rejected, with a High Court judge saying he should never be released.

He is said to have money to spend in the psychiatric hospital’s shop, and attends a ceramics workshop and twice-weekly Bible study sessions.

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Sutcliffe was convicted of murdering the following thirteen women:
(from Wikipedia) (Map located on Wikipedia)
Date Name of victim Age at death Body found Location on map
30 October 1975 Wilma McCann 28 Prince Phillip Playing Fields, Leeds
53.8178°N 1.5428°W
20 January 1976 Emily Jackson 42 Manor Street, Sheepscar, Leeds
53.8083°N 1.5311°W
5 February 1977 Irene Richardson 28 Roundhay Park, Leeds
53.8334°N 1.5002°W
23 April 1977 Patricia Atkinson 32 Flat 3, 9 Oak Avenue, Bradford
53.8109°N 1.7633°W
26 June 1977 Jayne MacDonald 16 Adventure playground, Reginald Street, Leeds
53.8179°N 1.5325°W
1 October 1977 Jean Jordan 20 Allotments next to Southern CemeteryManchester
53.4324°N 2.2506°W
21 January 1978 Yvonne Pearson 21 Under a discarded sofa on waste ground off Arthington Street, Bradford
53.8001°N 1.7721°W
31 January 1978 Helen Rytka 18 Timber yard in Great Northern Street, Huddersfield
53.6544°N 1.7800°W
16 May 1978 Vera Millward 40 Grounds of Manchester Royal InfirmaryManchester
53.4599°N 2.2225°W
4 April 1979 Josephine Whitaker 19 Savile Park, Halifax
53.7117°N 1.8736°W
2 September 1979 Barbara Leach 20 Back of 13 Ashgrove, Bradford
53.7900°N 1.7640°W
20 August 1980 Marguerite Walls 47 Garden of a house called “Claremont”, New Street, Farsley, Leeds
53.8085°N 1.6715°W
17 November 1980 Jacqueline Hill 20 Waste ground off Alma Road, Headingley, Leeds
53.8228°N 1.5781°W

Wikipedia – Yorkshire Ripper – Peter Sutcliffe Link
“The trial judge said Sutcliffe was beyond redemption, and he hoped he would never leave prison. He recommended a minimum term of 30 years to be served before parole is considered. The recommendation meant that Sutcliffe would have been unlikely to be freed until at least 2011, aged 65. On 16 July 2010, the High Court issued Sutcliffe with a whole life tariff, meaning that he is unlikely ever to be released. The whole life tariff was introduced by the government in 1983, and over the next 20 years it was frequently reported that Sutcliffe was among the small group of prisoners to have been issued with a whole life tariff. However, politicians were stripped of their powers to set minimum terms for life sentence prisoners in November 2002, and the final say on how long a life sentence prisoner can serve has since rested with the High Court. However, when a list of 35 prisoners issued with whole life tariffs was made public by the Home Office in December 2006, Sutcliffe was not on the list.”

Daily Mail – Yorkshire Ripper Sutcliffe enjoys specially arranged baptism service Link

 Photo credit – The Daily Mail


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