Reveal News – Jehovah’s Witness leader says child abuse claims are lies

Reveal News has picked up on the fact that Stephen Lett, a member of the Jehovah’s Witness Governing Body – speaking through a video posted on the JW website has denied allegations that the group provides a safe haven for child sexual abusers.

Lett’s address appears to be a response to a recent Reveal investigation documenting how Jehovah’s Witnesses policies, dating back 25 years, have instructed elders to keep child sexual abuse secret from law enforcement and even their own congregations.

Reveal News notes that “Despite his denial, Lett’s address was a rare acknowledgement. Although the organization has been hit with an increasing barrage of child sexual abuse lawsuits in recent years, Jehovah’s Witness leaders have gone to extremes to avoid speaking publicly about the issue. In a San Diego lawsuit last year, Gerrit Lösch, the longest-serving member of the Governing Body, refused to testify, in violation of a subpoena.

Reveal’s investigation also found that the organization has collected detailed information on child abusers in its congregations but repeatedly has refused to produce that information in court.

In Lett’s video, he says that “Satan’s organization” – which according to the Governing Body is the secular world, including media and law enforcement – works to disrupt God’s will by causing divisions between the Witnesses.

Lets hope Trey Bundy of Reveal News and law enforcement continue to do their job despite being called ridiculous names.

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