Pedophile Frederick McLean Still on the Run

Criminal pedophile and former Jehovah’s Witness elder, Frederick McLean, is still on the run. Everyone reading this website needs to keep their eyes open for this fellow and report any sighting to their local police.

McLean was once a high-ranking Jehovah’s Witness, an elder at several different Kingdom Halls. According to the U.S. Marshals, the former Southern California resident was also a serial child molester. Allegedly he molested one young girl more than 100 times.

According to McLean’s family, he actually confessed his crimes to them before his disappearance. He also told them that he was prepared for his getaway should the police come for him. Four months before police issued an arrest warrant in 2004 – McLean disappeared.

McLean could be almost anywhere. Reportedly a likable fellow interested in customizing and restoring automobiles, those who know him say that he might show up at car shows or custom body shops. He is also a very experienced and capable wilderness hiker and camper, so he might show up at national parks or forests. Bottom-line: Keep your eyes out for him and be ready to contact local police or other authorities.

It was reported that McLean had access to over $100,000 in cash when he disappeared. Even so, considering the several years he’s been on the run, he might be low on cash and looking for part-time work. He would likely favor auto body and repair shops because of his past interests and extensive experience in those trades.

Above all – if you should come in contact with McLean – remember that he is a wanted man on the run and may be dangerous. Avoid any direct confrontation but inform the authorities immediately. Take a good look at his photo and consider what he might look like with a full-beard or possibly clean-shaven. He has favored wearing a mustache in the past, but no one has reported seeing him in several years so know one really knows what he looks like now.

All Jehovah’s Witnesses and their families should also be aware of McLean and not ignore this notice. He is potentially dangerous should he be cornered, but even worse, he may be attending a Kingdom Hall somewhere (and even acting as an elder) under an assumed name. Not only that, but because of Watchtower policies that essentially protect pedophiles, he may be attending a Kingdom Hall somewhere in North America and (with full knowledge and under the protection of elders in the Kingdom Hall) as a Ministerial Servant or, yes – even serving as an elder.

US Marshals warn that even though McLean has not been known to be a particularly violent man, anyone crossing his path should be extremely careful and wary. Men like McLean, facing the possibility of spending the rest of their lives in prison, often become very dangerous if cornered or in what they perceive to be “a hopeless situation.”



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