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Jehovah’s Witnesses preach that Armageddon is any day now, but yet they seem to be spending a fair amount of money on property purchases. They also seem to have a penchant for large properties in coastal resorts. Time will tell why properties in Daytona Beach, Florida and Bangor, Wales, have been selected and purchased given that the end is so close.

Both property purchases are at the higher end of the market and will no doubt offer fabulous vacation opportunities for a few selected Jehovah’s Witnesses while they await the imminent destruction of their fellow humans. Indeed, if the end does not arrive immediately, the maintenance of the properties could be a useful way to occupy the faithful. They will no doubt be more than willing to give their labor for free so that the Watchtower Society’s property portfolio is maintained to a standard that will enable ease of sale in the not to distant future.

In Bangor, the purchased property enjoys a fantastic sea view of the Menai Strait, The Menai Suspension Bridge and across to Anglesey. Purchased for just under £1,000,000 cash, there is some suggestion that it will be used as a workplace for translators.

It is unclear why a translation team based in Wales would need so much space, a spectacular view and boat access.

The property known as Y Gwylain, was marketed as comprising of :

“entrance hallway, reception hallway, impressive open plan ‘live in kitchen/family room’, lounge, sitting room, games room, 2 studies, utility, cloakroom, shower room, 5 double bedrooms, four en-suites and a family bathroom.”

Homes rebuilt after Yolanda

Homes rebuilt after Yolanda

This standard of living is totally in contrast to what other Jehovah’s Witnesses, fellow brothers and sisters, would expect for themselves. When looking at the recent property purchases, some people may ask why Jehovah’s Witnesses who survived Hurricane Yolanda were used as examples of recipients of the droppings from the Watchtower’s feast table. They looked so happy when they received the rapidly constructed metal huts in the Philippines.

At the same time they were photographed accepting these metal homes the International Bible Students Association (the UK arm of the Watchtower Society) was purchasing Y Gwylain near Bangor, the cost of which would have certainly improved the lives of many more survivors of hurricane Yolanda.

Bangor JW Property

Bangor JW Property

Title Number: CYM259200  Address of Property: Y Gwylain, Holyhead Road, Bangor

(LL57 2HQ)

Price Stated: £910,000

Registered Owner(s): INTERNATIONAL BIBLE STUDENTS ASSOCIATION (Co. Regn. No.136726) of IBSA House, The Ridgeway, London NW7 1RN.Lender(s): None 1

The Daytona Beach property purchased in late June 2014 was a snip at just $7.025 million when compared to the Bangor residence. It is reported by the Daytona Beach News Journal as consisting of “several buildings that house some 200 dormitory rooms, eight classrooms and an indoor swimming pool.”

The local agent Mr Cruise indicated that a Jehovah’s Witness who lives in “Palm Coast spotted the real estate listing and brought it to the attention of Watchtower.” The property was previously owned by the FAA and had tax exempt status. It is reported that Palm Coast Vice Mayor Jason DeLorenzo was mostly optimistic about the purchase. It is unlikely that the Mayor is aware that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not pay salaries to their workers and therefore there will be a very limited economic benefit to the region

Added to that it is unlikely that Watchtower Society will bring tax dollars to the region.

Flagler County Property Appraiser James E. Gardner Jr. said he would wait and see what the application looks like.

“It all depends on what they plan to do with (the building), but it’s possible it will be off the tax roll,” Gardner said.”

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  1. Article has a bias flavor. Should report facts. The benefit to the region will be financial, since our properties are historically very well maintained. The bigger benefit is having civic conscious people present.

  2. Marc, interesting biased comment? Why when the last days are upon you and have been since 1874, would you be bothered about the local economy, when you are told to be no part of the world? Did you notice the comparison between the homes built in Yolanda for your brothers and sisters, with the luxury home purchased with river access for the translation team? Has anything been translated at the luxury property? Or will the property only be used for a few holidays for those specially connected to the WTBTS? Then again perhaps it will be sold off once the market improves? Either way the contradictions and the embarrassing facts stand. Also JW’s do not improve the economy, most are not well paid, because they were not allowed higher education. The trades people are “encouraged” to give their services for free, so how does that improve the local economy? Cities are waking up to the final fact that properties belonging to the Watchtower are also often tax exempt. Brooklyn sighed with relief when the Society’s building were sold off. For years, no taxes meant that that part of the city was economically depressed.

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