Guy H. Pierce, Watchtower Governing Body Member, Dead at 79

Guy Pierce, member Watchtower Governing Body (dec. 3/18/14)

Guy Pierce, member Watchtower Governing Body (dec. 3/18/14)

The Watchtower Society announced on March 20, 2014 that  Guy Pierce, one of the current 8-member Governing Body, died in Brooklyn, New York, on March 18th. They reported that he was 79 at the time of his death.

Born November 6, 1934, Pierce was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses at the age of 20 in the summer of 1955. He was married twice.  He was survived by wife Penelope and six children, numerous grandchildren and great grandchildren.

The current members of the Governing Body praised him for “his solid faith and firm stand for Jehovah’s laws and principles. Our memories of his courageous and faithful earthly life course will continue to strengthen us for years to come.”

Born in Auburn, California November 6, 1934, he was baptized in the summer of 1955 at a District Convention. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife, Penny, became regular “pioneers” and raised their family. He served as a Circuit Overseer for several years. In 1997 he and his wife were invited to join the staff at Watchtower Headquarters in New York. In 1999, just two years after arriving at Bethel, Pierce was appointed to be a member of the Watchtower’s Governing Body.

Here are links to the Watchtower’s official announcement of his passing and full obituary.

For a more complete analysis of Guy Pierce’s life and career within the upper ranks of the Watchtower Society, please check out this article on published the day before the Watchtower’s public announcement.

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