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Kingdom Hall Lake Halle

Heather Marble wants to open a restaurant and pub in Lake Hallie, a village in Chippewa County, Wisconsin. The building she has her eyes set on was a Kingdom Hall at 4668 133rd St.

She first has to get approval for a re-zoning request because of a covenant dating back to 1952, restricting the use of the building. Marble made her initial presentation to the Plan Commission in March. She was given more time to come back with a detailed plan.

She told, “I live in this neighborhood, and I want to work with the people who live around here. I want to be a neighborhood bar. I am not a multimillion dollar corporation; I care about this area. I want to bring business and revenue to this area. I think it needs it, we don’t have a lot in this area,” says Marble.

She has started a petition to get support for the change of use. Some people who have commented on the article in the Chippewa Herald seem to welcome the change of use, with one person highlighting the fact that if the Kingdom Hall becomes a business enterprise, then the village will benefit from taxes.

However, the Director of the Chippewa County Planning and Zoning Department, Doug Clary, will attend a meeting on Monday and plans on recommending the Commission deny the request.

The rezoning request submitted by Marble, for the Blue Marble Pub would not require exterior changes to the building. But she did indicate that adding a deck for outside seating could be a possibility.

Inside, she plans on a 30-foot long bar area with a large kitchen and plenty of space for restaurant-style seating. There could also be a small arcade and pool tables.

Heather Marble will present further plans at a meeting on Monday, 13, April.

Should the request be approved, the matter would still go before the full village board later this month.

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