Finland – Bequeathed property to Jehovah’s Witnesses – Family challenges will

Helsinki Court

In Finland, a family is taking legal action to question the validity of a handwritten will leaving assets and property to the religious association of Jehovah’s Witnesses. The authenticity of a joint will purporting to bequeath property to the organization is being challenged by the heirs in Helsinki District Court.

An application was made to the court at the end of January 2015. The will was drawn up in 1960 and states that the surviving spouse will receive full ownership of all assets of the estate. When both die, the property and all the assets are then gifted to the Jehovah’s Witnesses religious association. The property and assets are said to be substantial.

The couple had no children and so the applicants are descendants of the couple’s siblings. The descendants are arguing according to that the will was written after the couple’s death. The family have brought in a graphologist, who is suggesting “the signatures have a high probability of being by the same person.

The family are also raising doubt about the “witnesses to the will” and have raised other concerns about errors within the will.

According to the report, the religious association of Jehovah’s Witness have 30 days  to respond to the court summons.

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  1. Saw this from Barbara Anderson, if the descendants didn’t succeed in winning this case, maybe this will help:

    Barbara Anderson
    17 hrs

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